What is The Phat Phree?
The Phat Phree
is a humor site that publishes three to five new comic essays, cartoons, and commentaries each weekday written by a staff of comedy writers around the country. The site receives an average daily readership of 15,000 to 20,000 unique visitors, and about 1.5 million+ page views per month.

The site has recently been redesigned and added reader blogging and message board features to futher foster the community of readers and writers who have made the site such a success.

For more about the writers of "Look At My Striped Shirt", see the About the Writers page.

Who runs the site?
Phamily Business Entertainment, the parent company of The Phat Phree, also owns and operates several other sites including the tee shirt retailer Oscar Shitley's. It is small entertainment company owned and operated by Charlie DeMarco, Justin Harvey, and Chris Queen.

What else have the writers done?
In 2005, The Phat Phree optioned a television pilot to 20th Century Fox Television called "Chronicles of a Wasted Life". And the writers sold two books based largely on the success of the website.

Staff writers have been tapped to contribute to many other projects by The National Lampoon, UCB, and Kensington Publishing, and continue to write, produce, and perform in their own projects.

The Phat Phree has recently sold another book, and is currently developing television and film projects in partnership with well known production companies and major studios.

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Every other Monday until the release of the book, we will post an all-new sketch based on one of our favorite essays from "Look At My Striped Shirt!". Be sure to check back.

From the "cool" teacher to the father who loves high school football more than his son, they are all here. Now you can have a laugh at their expense everytime you fire up your computer.
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