As a bonus, we have created four audio sketches based on a few of our favorite essays from the book. We will release them every other Monday until the book comes out. So check back.

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This Gangbang Is So Awkward (NSFW)
In the middle of a hardcore gangbang, Mike wonders if he's made a mistake.
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Running time: 3:28     Written by: Mike Polk
Performed by: Mike Polk, Charlie DeMarco, Justin Harvey, Ron Babcock, Ryan McKee & Theresa Harvey


I'm Feeling Lucky Today (NSFW)
Two rednecks have little luck with their scratch-off lotto tickets.
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Running time: 2:48     Written by: Charlie DeMarco
Performed by: Charlie DeMarco & Ryan McKee


I Have A Request, Mr. DJ (NSFW)
An angry caller requests that a classic rock DJ never play "Mississippi Queen" again.
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Running time: 3:26     Written by: Jesse Lamovsky
Performed by: Ron Babcock & Charlie DeMarco

Look At My Striped Shirt! (NSFW)
You know it. You love it. That's why we saved it for last. Merry Christmas.
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Running time: 2:57     Written by: Mike Polk
Performed by: Mike Polk & Justin Harvey

Every other Monday until the release of the book, we will post an all-new sketch based on one of our favorite essays from "Look At My Striped Shirt!". Be sure to check back.

From the "cool" teacher to the father who loves high school football more than his son, they are all here. Now you can have a laugh at their expense everytime you fire up your computer.
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